Being reasonable doesn’t mean being cheap


Being reasonable doesn’t mean cheap.


Who on the earth has not dreamt about it’s big day as big fat marriage, so did I and my husband. Obviously it is one of the biggest celebrations of one’s life. We were full of enthuse and searching for best options, which could make that day most memorable. When our families started to discuss about functions, expense’s list was ever ending. We found sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. We overextend budgets because of lack of foresight.


We discussed it with our parents and asked them not to over exceed financial in the name of marriage. It is momentous occasion that is beginning of a new life, so sometimes trimming the cost, doesn’t truncate our imaginary dogma. By the large this is the Precious day when two people join together to share their lives. It is not prudent to start a new life with abstruse financial burden or debts.


Keeping time required for arrangements, in our minds, we decided the wedding date as per the convenience of both the families.We put our educated brains across and managed our wedding with immense ecstasy. See what are the things one should take care of, while managing wedding budget, on the way to live happy married life ahead.


  • CLOTHES : The very first thing what comes with any celebration is clothes, which enhance the beauty of blushing couple. There is no end what you spend on clothes. But remember that you are going to use these special outfits once in our lifetime. I would rather prefer dresses which are more on comfort, colours, patterns, fabric and cuts that compliment your personality too rather than just go for designer brands.


  • PHOTOGRAPHY : It comes to priority, because how many times you will open up the album or watch your marriage videos, you will live moment that many times. It is what your generations will take as legacy. If renowned photographers are crossing your budget’s line, give chance to others within your range. Also provide them an idea about theme and directions of photographs. You can search themes online and refer them to your photographer.


  • COSMETIC THERAPIES : we come in obsession to look beautiful, and start to take any cosmetic treatment including facial and massages, without any expert advice. Sometimes they cut our natural beauty into ribbons and leave us with burnt fingers in terms of expenses. If you need beauty solution, consult doctor first, before experimenting your splendid beauty. Try Yoga and natural therapies, and follow a healthy diet chart which will calm your body, in turn gift you glow and elegance.


  • INVITATION : This is the first thing, what your guests will see. every expensive thing is beautiful, is not true. Colour combination and texture changes overall look. You can choose basic card with simple colour, rest you can decorate card with gift wrap flowers, easily available in market.


  • DECORATION : Most of the time you will notice, that halls and stages are decorated so much, that it dominates wedding couple. This is the day where centre of attraction are bride and groom. So let them be. Rest if ceremony is in day time, you can use more flower that are seasonal and trim the expenses from lights. If function is in night then you can emphasize more on lights, than flower.


  • WELCOMING GUESTS : We belong to a country where Guests are fervently considered as god. And we should uphold this tradition as best we can. Not only because it is expected but also to show our values. Hospitality arranged for guest is not expected to be a five or seven star hotel room, rather whatever space they are provided, should be neat and clean with basic amenities. Maximum what we can facilitate depends on budget including receiving, tickets etc.


  • FOOD : No celebration is completed without a feast to treat your guests. People will remember your wedding Proportionately to the delicious food served. If expensive packages are not suiting your budget, make a list of local caterers, collect their reviews. Make sure food prepared is sufficient for guests estimated. Food quality should not be compromised in terms of taste and hygiene rather than Keeping so many things in menu.


  • RETURN GIFT : You will ever remember a wedding which you enjoyed most. One should not carry boulder of return gifts, if it is again taking you to financial crisis. If your function is well organized with warm welcome, even a packet of sweet works better than a big gift.


  • HONEYMOON : After so much of planning, hectic and tousled routine, finally here is a chance to spend time with each other. We should consider that it is best time to rejoice, where you lick the dream into shape. No matter what the place is, fix you up with ultimate comfort, intimacy and love, which will be everlasting. Live these moments so deep, they bound you so hard, that you can never think apart.


Here you have started a new life with your partner. Investing wisely in marriage, Does it mean cheap to you?? If yes, share your plan with us. Perhaps we can get some good ideas from it. If no, Then leave your remarks, how did it help you organizing things at your wedding.


Happily married !!

Blogger Ms. Deepti Chaubey !!